Homy Steel operates in the dry construction sector, basing its work on the use of few prefabricated elements, easy to assemble.

Light steel frame system allows to realize different kind of buildings, sometimes integrating itself with traditional building system,

granting a complete planning freedom and the highest housing quality.



The Homy’s «dry» construction system based on Light Steel Frame technology combines light steel profiles to create wall and roof frames, which will then braced through the diagonalization of the steel frame or using OSB panels, connected to the structure.

  • Steel profiles quality S320GD + Z
  • Profiles size between 100 and 250 mm
  • Profiles thickness between 1,5 and 2,0 mm
  • Joint through screws, without welding on site building.
  • According to static and bracing needs, it will be decided the inside and outside tackle with panels type OSB-3 (15÷25 mm) or the diagonalization of the steel frame system.
  • According to the climate conditions and to the required quality standards, during the planning phase it will be defined the stratigraphy of insulating and panels.
  • Installation on reinforced concrete foundations.


Homy introduced «Steel Hangars» solution to supply steel hangars to offer a complete range of products for the base camps.

Manufactured with light steel profiles (according to Homy’s light steel frame philosophy), Homy’s hangars can reach a height of 10 Mt and cover spans of doorway until 22m.

Standard proposal includes walls in galvanized sheet, but on request Homy can offer different solutions with insulated walls and roofs. The materials and thicknesses choose will be studied by Homy team according to the destination site.

The profiles of Homy hangars are hot-dip galvanized in order to assure high constant and long lasting performances, no matter which are the weather conditions, reducing in this way the maintenance costs.

When required, the Homy Steel Hangars system can be naturally combined with the traditional carpentry, permitting to reach increased sizes and load capacity.



Stronger and safer structure Stronger and safer structure

The use of steel allows for a high level of precision and adherence to the structure calculation model, thanks to its isotropic properties. Steel structures have physical and chemical qualities which are identical throughout the product and which react uniformly to stress.

Antiseismic Antiseismic

Steel constructions have optimal antiseismic qualities, given the high elasticity of the material, also in case of strong seismic stress.

Acoustic and thermal isolation Acoustic and thermal isolation

Thanks to the proper technical and constructions devices and precautions, the structures can reach high thermal insulation properties.

Environmental friendly Environmental friendly

With the dry steel frame construction system, even the amount of waste generated is reduced to a minimum and all materials used are recyclable.

Healthier Healthier

Compared to other types of prefabricated buildings, homes in steel are more durable and healthier. Steel doesn’t conduct moisture nor is subject to corrosion which could put the structure’s stability at risk.

Economic saving Economic saving

Reduced turnaround times, affordable material pricing, no need for heavy duty equipment and machinery in the construction yard and the zeroing of waste due to the elimination of human error all mean significant savings on the purchase price.

Versatility and customisation Versatility and customisation

Steel versatility offers greater possibilities for customisation, for both the buyer and the designer, when defining the building’s characteristics. In addition, the customization possibilities in terms of technology and other systems are practically limitless.

Modularity Modularity

Homy’s light steel solution allows for optimal adaptation to the chosen construction site, even if the customer wishes to expand the structure of the surface by adding new rooms, new floors, or even disassembling and re-assembling the building in a new location.

Zero margins of error Zero margins of error

Human error is practically reduced to zero because the steel contouring processes are entirely automated.

Construction time savings Construction time savings

All structural elements, the contours and the panels are made and pre-assembled at the company, ready to be commissioned. By doing so, both work in the construction yard and downtime are reduced, thereby lowering costs. Being dry construction, lengthy drying periods are also eliminated, allowing for short completion times.


It offers a wide range of solutions based on high load bearing light steel profiles and heavy carpentry for:

Residential projects

Industrial and commercial buildings (warehouse and hangar)

Affordable housing

Additional storeys

Temporary structures


The modularity and flexibility of the Homy Steel system makes it perfectly integrable with complementary technologies such as, among others, metal frame structures to cover large surfaces or to achieve over three levels.

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