The company has its own manufacturing facilities located in Vietnam, as well as partnerships with manufacturing companies based in Italy, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

In the Homy’s manufacturing facilities take place the primary steel working for the scaffolding manufacturing: profiles cutting and moulding, as well as tubes welding and manufacturing.

The accessories supply and their pre-assembling in the factory take place through a consolidated sub-supplying chain and quality control inspections, made by Homy employers. All that to guarantee the whole manufacturing chain, from the beginning until the delivery to the end customer.

  • 250.000 m²/month

    Prefabricated and Light
    Steel Structures

  • 8.700 PCS/month


  • 6.750 PCS/month


  • 67.500 m²/month

    Structural Steel

Production and partnerships

Homy is the perfect mix between international partnerships and Italian engineering.

If on one hand the manufacturing chain is global, on the other hand the design and the engineering are all made in Italy, thanks to the hub located in Udine, in the nearby of Venice.

Here the Technical Office crank out everyday engineering and executive drawings, which become for the Customer a benefit on time scheduling, safety in the building sites and economical saving.