The Homy Prefab technologies represent the perfect answer to a growing demand for prefabricated modular solutions of new generation. These technologies meet the needs of a wide range of sectors, from the affordable housing market up to that of the Temporary and Permanent Site Camp Facilities for Construction, Mining and Oil&Gas Companies, among the others.

Homy Prefab is characterized by a system based on prefabricated panels and containerized modules, that are pre-engineered and ready made at the factory, then shipped and easily assembled at site according to a modular scheme.

Homy engines, design and provides with 360° solutions which include the building structure, all internal connections, wiring and utilities, as well as all finishings including doors, windows and all kind of coverings.

All is designed having in mind the site needs and a careful evaluation of the geographical area of destination, climatic and acoustic variables, norms, with the highest priority to meet the needs of comfort, just-in-time delivery and a first class logistic management.



It represents the entry level technology, where the prefabricated modular panels, with a standard dimension of 125 cm x 250 cm, are made of an insulation layer pressed in between two fibercement boards. The H shape steel profiles which connect the panels to each other, constitutes the bearing structure. It is possible the application of the same technology by using sandwich panels, in order to further reduce the need of maintenance of the walls vertical surface.

This technology is indicated for :

  • Housing project at affordable prices
  • Temporary Site Camps of medium-long life span, or Permanent Camps


The modular prefabricated panels, of standard dimensions of 125 x 250 cm, are made on a light steel frame carcass enclosed within two fibercement boards and insulated with rockwool or mineralwool. The H connection profiles in between the panels are made in PVC. It is possible an upgrade of the structure by using additional boards, both in the external and internal surface, made of textured fibercement like stone or wood effect, or gypsum boards.

This technology is indicated for :

  • Housing project at affordable prices
  • Temporary Site Camps of medium-long life span, or Permanent Camps


Homy containers are used for various needs because of their features of speed and ease of assembly, floor framed structure, multiple use and possibility to relocate them elsewhere. Homy Prefab containers are delivered with weldless production technology and they can be manufactured and delivered as single, double and triple storey buildings, or as combined modular units. The containers can be produced according to any dimension such as the standard sizes of 3 × 7 m and 2,40 × 6 m, up to 3 x 12 m or even bigger, based on Customer needs, and can come both as flat pack units, saving both logistic costs and assembly time, and as fully demountable version.

Based on technical specifications such as fire regulations and climatic variables, container can be insulated with several options of typology like EPS (expanded polystyrene), Rockwool or Mineral wool, PUR (polyurethane rigid foam) and PIR (rigid polyiso foam). The range of Homy Prefab containers include also polystirene cabins, armoured cabins, maritime containers and cold rooms.

This technology is indicated for :

  • Temporary and Permanent Camp Facilities, Special commercial projects, Emergency units


Construction time savings Construction time savings

Accelerated construction times
compared to any other methodology

Modularity Modularity

Possibility of dismantling the structures and re-assembling in other places

Strong and safe structure Strong and safe structure

Strong resistance to atmospheric agents, fire and durability

Antiseismic Antiseismic

Extraordinary anti-seismic properties by the very nature of the structures

Easy to assemble Easy to assemble

Ease of assembly, even by non-skilled personnel

Low use of machineries Low use of machineries

Low use of machineries and equipments

Less bureaucracy Less bureaucracy

Less bureaucracy related to the construction site

Economic saving Economic saving

Cost savings of materials and assembly times

Environmental friendly Environmental friendly

Greater cleaning of the construction site and very low impact of waste disposal



The offer of Homy Prefab provides the Customers with a wide range of modular solutions that comply with local regulations for the construction of:

Dormitories, offices and any other type of building needed at construction sites

Canteens and kitchens

Affordable housing

Schools and kindergartens

Clinics and hospitals

Military camps

Refugee camps

Warehouses and storage areas

Security cabins

Temporary and permanent structures in general

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