With the division Homy Scaff, the Company offers to the market fully accessorized ringlock and frame scaffolding systems, as well as a comprehensive range of custom-made components and accessories for the building industry.

In fact, thanks to its owned-production facilities, carpentries and key partners, Homy Scaff is able to produce taylor made systems and OEM (Original Equiment Manufacturer) with labelling customization based on Customer needs.

All with an uncomparable compromise between price and quality, and with a long-lasting and proven experience of the management in this sector, to ensure the greatest level of professionality and just-in-time service.



The MH multidirectional Homy scaffolding is the modern solution that reflects in an industrialized way all the flexibility of tube and fitting scaffolding.

The rosettes, welded on the standards every 50 cm, allow 8 connections on a single plane at various angles. In particular, the four little holes on the rosette enable ledgers and transoms to be fixed, centering them at the correct angle automatically.


In addition to the constant distance between the rosettes welded to the standards a key feature of the system that ensures speed of installation is the simple and functional bolt-free connection based on wedge-head. These features make assembly and dismantling extremely intuitive, easy and safe.

The MH multidirectional scaffolding is the Homy’s system with most flexibility

and highest possibilities of use even in complex situations thanks to the characteristics of quick assembly, great modularity, extreme adaptability and high load capacity.



Modularity Modularity

It is a modular system that consists of clever modular components.

Wide range of accessories Wide range of accessories

There is a full range of accessories to meet any needs on site in any field.

Low maintenance Low maintenance

No wooden elements are needed, toe-boards and working planks are made by galvanized steel and no maintenance is needed.

Light Light

MH system has a considerably high load bearing capacity, hence needs material savings and is overall lighter than other systems to handle.

Easy to assemble Easy to assemble

The light weight of the components is a big advantage where manual transportation over long distances is involved the system is simple, fast and intuitive: the installation and dismantling operations are very quick.

MH structures may be used instead of any other system of shoring and supporting towers.

Robust and flexible Robust and flexible

The multidirectional system represents the perfect combination between the productivity of the frame scaffolding and universal flexibility of the tube and fitting system.
It can be also combined with other scaffolding systems (as prefabricated frames scaffolding, increasing productivity and cost-efficiency.

Safer Safer

A temporary aluminium guardrail is available for collective fall protection during the scaffolding erection and dismantling.

Economic saving Economic saving

MH has been tested and approved as a scaffolding system designed in several configurations, according to national and international standards.

Longevity Longevity

The hot dip galvanizing of each component assures guarantees the longevity of the system.



A wide range of components and solutions allows to create MH structures such as, among others:

Straight and curved façades service scaffolding

Accesses and stairways for site or public use

Suspended and cantilevered structures

Birdcages and loading bays

Shoring structures

Supporting towers also for heavy loads with MH tower

Mobile towers on wheels

Temporary structures as sheds

Stages and grandstands

Lighting and FOH towers

All these solutions are capable of meeting all requirements in terms of design and load bearing capacity, so they can be used for maintenance and construction in each sector of activity, such as:

  • Building construction
  • Restoration
  • Infrastructures
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Industrial maintenance in general
  • Shipbuilding and aircraft production
  • Entertainment
  • Special applications

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