Whether it is new buildings, expansions or renovations, the envelope is always the key element for energy efficiency and sustainability. It is therefore extremely important to design the facades by thinking of the best systems to be used.

The exterior wall of the Homy system in steel profile sections provides extraordinary thermal performance in the face of reduced thickness, but not only. Due to its low weight, even static design is much simpler, with consequent and further reduction in costs.

Another advantage is the freedom of design for architects and designers. There are almost no limits to creations with the Homy system and this results in great flexibility in the design of spaces and shapes.

All materials can be used for an outer envelope: from the exterior insulation systems, the ventilated facades, the continuous facades, up to photovoltaic panels.

The facade can be plastered, covered with bricks, even with wooden covering. In fact, almost everything is possible to meet your individual needs.