Homy is an international company specialising in light steel frame constructions based on modular prefabricated systems.

Solid as concrete, versatile as steel: this is Homy, the European housing solution with affordable pricing, perfect no matter the need.

With head offices in Lugano, in the Italian part of Switzerland, and numerous branches in Italy and around the globe, Homy’s philosophy is encapsulated in its concreteness and flexibility. These qualities coexist in Homy thanks to prestigious technical partnerships with strategic suppliers based in Europe and a global presence across the five continents.
From design to the construction site, the Homy system is recognisable by its simplicity.
Each building is designed and pre-assembled, then dismantled and shipped to the country and city where it’s needed. Job sites thus don’t require the use of heavy equipment and the work is completed quickly, with an overall reduction in time and costs – and greater earnings for all.


Homy is the perfect mix between Swiss precision, German solidity and Italian design. The company can indeed rely on production premises located in Basel, in the German part of Switzerland, where steal section bars are processed and cut to lenght and then, if required, the preassembly of all components, including infill walls, doors and windows, is also carried out. Design, instead, is markedly Made in Italy, thanks to an engineering and design hub located in the Northeast of Italy, a few kilometres from Venice.

Homy can count on a close technical alliance with worldclass organizations, which guarantee quality, processes that are certified at the highest levels and capillary logistics without equal, resulting in the ability to have just-in-time production and supply.

Knauf USG Systems, founded in 2002, guarantees Homy and its customers a line of cutting-edge products with all its AQUAPANEL® cement sheets, compliant with all current building regulations in Europe. Equally effective as mason or brickwork in terms of insulation (U value), KNAUF external panels are 25% thinner, providing significant space savings. This extra surface area can then be used for additional thermal insulation coverings, reducing the need for primary energy to heat and cool the building.

Founded in 1937 by Otto Häring as a company specialising in plasterboard work, over the decades Häring Nepple AG has come to mean solutions designed for construction. The COCOON system was launched in 1998, and in these past fifteen years it has allowed the company to gain solid experience in the lightweight construction system industry.
The patented, lightweight, load bearing, steel frame system, called Transformer, is practically one-of-a-kind and allows for repeated modifications even years after it has been installed.